New support site

Exams Owl, our new support page for candidates, teachers and schools

Over the coming months you will start to see this icon accompanying some of the links and sections of our webpage. When you see the Exams Owl icon, you will know that you are in an area dedicated to supporting candidates, teachers or Preparation Centres in their preparation for the Cambridge Assessment English exams.

Exams Owl is the name we have devised to head our support pages – the owl is traditionally associated with wisdom and thus a perfect mascot for those seeking to improve themselves by taking a Cambridge Assessment English exam at one of our centres.

We hope you enjoy the Exams Owl pages and return often to find out what’s new!

This year’s Exams Catalunya ELT Conference is all about skills:  assessing them; improving them; and ultimately proving them to others.  This is what we strive to do for our students as English language teachers, and it is also why we come together for events like this: to test and develop our own skills as teachers.  Along the way, we may find ourselves learning about a range of associated life skills, a process which is not only satisfying and fun but can also contribute more profoundly to our own personal development.   

We have a great line up of speakers this year, including plenary talks from Scott Thornbury, Karen Saxby, Miranda Hamilton and Rachael Roberts.

There are 18 workshops to choose from, in three time slots and they have been assigned to the following categories to make it easier for you to plan your day: 

  • Learners and learning
  • Teachers
  • Assessment
  • Management
  • Young Learners/Teens

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 16 November!

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