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Cambridge English exams in private, grant assisted and state schools.
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Cambridge English examinations in your own school at a special price…
The Cambridge English nationwide initiative to promote Cambridge English exams within the school sector continues to have a widespread positive impact on the students’ level of English.

Under the National Schools Project agreement students can take the following Cambridge English exams in their own school at a lower price: Young Learners (YLE), B1 Preliminary, A2 Key, B2 First and C1 Advanced.

The main aim of the project is to facilitate and reinforce the learning and teaching of English within the Spanish schools system through Cambridge English exams.

Signing up is simple and all formal education schools may apply to join the project.

Since the National Schools Project was set up in 2005 thousands of candidates in Spain have been able to take the Cambridge English exams in their school with many significant advantages:
  • Greater confidence: younger students lose the ‘stage fright’ that comes from taking an exam at an unknown external venue. They are more relaxed and this has a positive effect on their overall performance.
  • Increased motivation: children work harder and want to show what they have learnt.
  • Normality: Cambridge English exams become a familiar part of the learning experience as they are integrated into the school curriculum.
  • Projection: Schools aim for students to finish ‘Batxillerat’ with C1 Advanced.
Our Cambridge exam centre provides a wide range of help and support to schools and teachers. We offer an extensive support programme which includes free seminars, round table sessions for teachers, materials, etc. These services along with lower exam fees gives students greater access to Cambridge English exams.

The National Schools Project
Exam fees for formal education schools
Pre A1 Starters58.75 €
A1 Movers60.95 €
A2 Flyers64.03 €
A2 Key / A2 Key for Schools93.83 €
B1 Preliminary / B1 Preliminary for Schools101.90 €
B2 First / B2 First for Schools188,70 €
C1 Advanced196.43 €
TKT - 1 Module63.74 €

How to join the project
Joining the National Schools Project is easy and has lots of advantages: your students can take the Cambridge exams at your school or at one of our many exam venues, the exam entry fee is cheaper for both students and staff at your school and your teachers will benefit from our extensive support programme.

2 easy steps to join:
Step 1 Please contact us on or tel: 934 111 333. We will be happy to discuss your needs and give you information and support to help you accomplish your school’s specific goals.
Step 2 Sign the agreement – you can contact our centre to request a copy of the agreement

The NSP agreement does not oblige your school to provide a minimum number of candidates each year. The main aim of the agreement is to ensure that your school has exam rooms that fully comply with the Cambridge English exam regulations, that you are adequately insured and that you do not use the Cambridge English logo unlawfully.
How to organise an exam session at your school
You can hold an exam session at your school as long as you have a minimum of 10 candidates per level.

If you do not have enough candidates they can still take the exam at one of our open session venues at NSP prices.

You can see the exam locations on our registrations page.

Organising an exam session at your own centre
Entering your students for a Cambridge English exam is easy to do. If you are a registered Exams Catalunya Preparation Centre you can now enter and manage your exam candidates via our new portal Exams Catalunya Online. This secure new portal will give you control over the registration process and a direct line to our centre to ensure that your candidates are correctly registered for their exam. In order to access Exams Catalunya Online all you have to do is log in.

If you still don’t have access to Exams Catalunya Online and wish to enter candidates for an exam please click on the following link to register

In order to register candidates securely and reliably, Preparation Centres should always use the Exams Catalunya Online portal.

All exams (except Young Learners)

1. Choose a date for your session from our exams calendar. We can organise an exam session in your school on any of the dates offered by Cambridge English including those not available on our current exam calendar. Remember that minimum candidate numbers apply for all exam sessions in schools.

Once you have chosen the date our centre will confirm the session and final entry date. (Please note that final entry dates are normally 3 - 7 weeks before the exam in the case of paper based tests and 2 - 3 weeks before the exam in the case of computer based tests.
2. Once we have confirmed the date of your session you should register your candidates and make payment before the final entry date.
3. You will receive all the exam documents, instructions and timetables in advance of your exam session.

Young Learners (YLE)

The YLE tests are on-demand and you can choose the date. If you would like to organise a YLE session at your school please request a session via the Exams Catalunya Online portal. Once we have aproved your session you should register your candidates and make payment before the deadline.

Rules and regulations
If you would like your students to take Cambridge exams at their school it is essential that you comply with the following basic guidelines:

Paper based exams
Exam room requirements:
Individual tables/desks which must face in the same direction.
Each candidate must be seated no less than 1.25m away from other candidates in all directions.
A reliable, good quality sound system for the listening test.
A black/whiteboard.
A wall clock.
There should be no books, papers or materials under/in the tables/desks.
All posters/materials with English on them must be removed from the walls.
Exam day staff:
Your school must provide a supervisor who should be available for the duration of the exam session.
Your staff must ensure that there is silence outside the exam room while the test is in progress.
Secure storage:
Prior to the exam session the exam materials must be locked unopened in a solid metal cabinet or secure store-room.
The store room must have a solid locked door and limited access. If there is a window it should have bars or there should be a burglar alarm installed.

Computer based exams
Exam room requirements:
Your computers can be laptops or desktops - please contact us for the technical specifications at or tel. 934 111 333.
Good quality headphones.
Cabled Internet (Cambridge exams can be administered on Wi-Fi but we prefer cable!).
Separator panels.
If your computers are less than 1.25m apart you will need to place separators between them to prevent students from seeing other candidates’ work.
A black/whiteboard.
All posters/materials with English on them must be removed from the walls.
Exam day staff:
A computer technician must be available for the duration of the exam session.
Your school must provide a supervisor who should be available for the duration of the exam session.
Your staff must ensure that there is silence outside the exam room while the test is in progress.
Secure storage:
Prior to the exam session the exam materials must be locked unopened in a solid metal cabinet or secure store-room.
The store room must have a solid locked door and limited access. If there is a window it should have bars or there should be a burglar alarm installed.

Exam Security:
Cambridge English and Exams Catalunya take exam security very seriously.

Watch this video to learn more about the high levels of security have built into every stage of the exam process; from the production of exam papers and what happens on exam day at the exam centre, to the integrity of exam data.

For further information or queries please contact us at
or telephone 934 111 333
Information for parents about the National Schools Project
If children learn English when they are young, they will have a significant advantage when they leave school. The Cambridge English exams are valued around the world and, with a Cambridge English qualification, children can access the best study, work and life opportunities.

The Cambridge English exams are designed and developed to motivate students at primary and secondary school. They cover all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. They bring learning to life, covering topics that your child is familiar with and developing the skills needed to:
  • improve in English
  • understand books, television, films, songs, the internet and other media in English
  • make friends around the world
  • travel the world
  • study at university or college, either at home or in another country
  • get a job and use English at work, either in your country or abroad
Taking and passing exams at the right level – from beginner to advanced – helps build your child’s confidence. Your child will become more proficient and more fluent with each step.

All the exams are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - the internationally agreed standard to describe language ability. This makes it easy to see the progress your child is making in English, and for employers and educational institutions to recognise your child’s ability when they leave school.

Thousands of schools prepare children for the Cambridge English exams. Check if your child’s school is already one of the 52,000 Cambridge English exam preparation centres around the world.

Tips and advice
Cambridge assessment English has practical tips and advice to help you confidently support your child’s learning. The articles are full of ideas on how to encourage your child to communicate in English, including some great activities you can do together and as a family.

The exams
Young Learners (YLE)
(CEFR Levels pre-A1, A1, A2)
Three fun, activity-based tests designed to motivate your child and show how your child is learning. Find out more about Young Learners...
A2 Key for Schools
(CEFR Level A2)
Shows your child can use everyday English at a basic level.
Find out more about A2 Key for Schools...
B1 Preliminary for Schools
(CEFR Level B1)

Shows your child can use everyday English at an intermediate level.
Find out more about B1 Preliminary for Schools...
B2 First for Schools
(CEFR Level B2)

Shows your child can use everyday written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate level for work or study purposes.
Find out more about B2 First for Schools...
C1 Advanced
(CEFR Level C1)
The internationally recognised standard to study and work in English-speaking countries.
Find out more about C1 Advanced...

Taking English to the highests levels
(this level do not form part of the National Schools Project)

C2 Proficiency
(CEFR Level C2)

Our highest level exam which shows a person has exceptional English.
Find out more about C2 Proficiency...

Research and validation

Cambridge English is dedicated to maintaining the deepest possible understanding of how children learn English.
The research team at Cambridge English Language Assessment conducts thorough, rigorous work to understand in detail how children acquire vocabulary, get to grips with grammar and gain confidence in speaking and writing a language. They also look at how tests support a candidate writing, listening, reading and speaking in the real world outside the classroom.

Further information on research and validation:
Support for teachers
Throughout the world, English is recognised as an essential skill and is an integral part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools. Find out how Cambridge English can support your teachers in achieving English language learning, teaching and assessment goals.

“Help your students achieve their
life goals”

¿Cómo son los exámenes para niños de
Cambridge English?

Cambridge English has a wide range of support for teachers, both to help you prepare candidates for Cambridge English exams and to develop your career

Information and resources to support your teaching
Exams Catalunya offers a wide range of free seminars, information sessions and teacher round tables throughout the year. 
Teacher Support website
A wide range of free teaching resources and information to support teachers. Register for a free account to download lesson plans, worksheets, games, classroom activities.
The Cambridge English webinars for teachers are free to join and led by a team of experts from Cambridge Assessment English. These experts will also be available to answer participants’ questions.
The Digital Teacher
This specialist online space provides courses, articles, webinars and the opportunity to connect with teaching professionals worldwide and develop your career.

Teaching qualifications and professional development

Cambridge English provides first-class career development for English language teachers and is committed to raising the teaching standards in the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry. The Cambridge English internationally recognised teaching qualifications provide a route into the English language teaching profession for new teachers and career development opportunities for experienced teachers.

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is ideal if you:
  • want to keep your teaching skills up to date
  • want to improve your career opportunities by widening your teaching experience into specialist areas
  • are already teaching, but would like to take an internationally recognised qualification to gain formal recognition for your experience
TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) will help you to teach English to schoolchildren and adult learners at home or around the world. Use TKT to increase your confidence as a teacher and improve your job prospects. You do not need to be a native English speaker to take TKT.
TKT is recommended for candidates with level B1 or above.
More about the TKT

CELTA is one of the most widely taken qualifications of its kind. Thousands of people each year choose CELTA to open up a whole world of exciting English language teaching opportunities. CELTA is for people with little or no previous teaching experience. Our Barcelona CELTA course takes place in August, is full time and lasts 4 weeks
International recognition
Cambridge English certificates open the door to exciting study and work opportunities for students when they leave school.

The Cambridge English certificates are the most valuable, widely recognised English qualifications in the world, accepted by over 20,000 organisations internationally. In Catalunya these include:
  • Universities, institutions and colleges, such as ESADE , Universitat Pompeu Fabra, La Salle Centro Universitario, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, European University, Universitat de Girona, Confederació de Centres Autònomos D'Ensenyament de Catalunya.
  • Employers, such as Banc Sabadell, Grupo Danone, IKEA Ibérica, La Caixa, Nestlé España, Sol Meliá, Sony España, Barceló Hotels & Resorts, Catalana Occidente.
To find organisations, employers, universities, colleges and other organisations that recognise Cambridge English exams, visit the Cambridge English Recogniton Online Database.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
All The Cambridge English exams are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - the internationally agreed standard to describe language ability. This makes it easy to see the progress your students are making in English.

Students gain confidence as they work their way up the exam levels - getting experience and qualifications that show their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Click on the image to enlarge.


The Cambridge English exams for schools are informed by years of research and reflection on how children like to learn, and how they learn best. Research helps to ensure that the exams are designed for children first – that they are non-threatening, motivating and have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

For more on research and validation go to the Cambridge English Research site
Preparation Centre Logos - Regulations for use
The Exams Catalunya and Exam Balears Preparation Centre Logos

Centres that register students for Cambridge Assessment English examinations through Exams Catalunya and Exams Balears are welcome to use these logos on their websites, leaflets or other publicity material.  The logos can be downloaded  in both high and low resolution via the related sites and links page on Exams Catalunya Online, our Preparation Centres portal. Please click on the link below to access the portal:
Recognising our Preparation Centres
Cambridge Assessment English is happy to provide schools which actively prepare candidates for the Cambridge English exams with the graphics below (which are Cambridge English trademarks) to help promote exam preparation courses. Please note, however, that permission to use these graphics is dependent on you continuing to prepare students and your agreement (by use of any of these graphics) to comply with these regulations (which permission and compliance is governed by English law and subject to the English courts).

You are welcome to use these graphics in your publications or websites, as specified below, but in doing so you must accept that permission to use them may be withdrawn at any time, and that you must cease to use them (and withdraw any publications in which they are printed) if requested to do so by Cambridge English.

For the avoidance of doubt you are NOT permitted to in any way use the Cambridge English shield logo which appears at the top of your preparation certificate (other than by display of that original certificate).

You may use these graphics:
  • On publicity documents and other promotional material relating to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On press advertising that relates specifically to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On web pages that relate specifically to the preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On signs, posters, etc, promoting courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On promotional goods (pens, pencils, T-shirts, caps, mugs and other items that are used to promote the examinations), provided that these are given away and not sold
You may not use these graphics:
  • On any certificate, invoice or other financial document
  • As part of an e-mail template or in any other electronic form other than as part of a web page as described above
  • In relation to any exams, tests or certificates provided by your centre other than the Cambridge English exams
Using the graphics
Cambridge English does not impose restrictions on the size or positioning of these graphics, but you must ensure that the logo and/or name of your school is displayed prominently
The graphics must always be used in exactly the format and proportions shown above. You must not under any circumstances attempt to alter or recreate the graphics or retype any of the wording. You must also ensure that any designer or printer working on your behalf complies with this requirement.
You should ensure that the colours are reproduced accurately.

You must not use a copy of these graphics obtained from any other source.

If you or your school enters a minimum of 50 candidates per year you may be eligible to use the Preparation Centre Logos and so please contact us on
Cambridge English Apps, games and activities
Play our games: Practice your English!
You’re never too young to start learning English! This simple idea inspired children’s TV channel Pocoyo and Cambridge Assessment English to create English language learning videos aimed at children aged 2–6. Pocoyo is the world famous star of the series – he and his friends will help young viewers to take their first steps in the language learning journey.

The fun new videos stimulate children's curiosity through smart games and simple activities that have been specially designed by Cambridge English to help young children learn.

Watch the videos and download the free activities below.

       Haz clic para jugar...
Monkey Puzzles
Visit our Monkey's favourite places and play 8 mini games to test your English. Unlock new games as you progress - but watch out, the games get harder as you go along! 
Exam levels: Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

Word Fun World
Enter a fantastic world of fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers exams. Play exciting games to practise and learn key vocabulary for Cambridge English: Young Learners exams. It’s perfect preparation for Young Learners or simply a fun way to practise English at an early stage of learning. Ideal for English learners and great word fun for kids of any age. Available on the App Store to download for free.
Exam levels: Young Learners (Starters Movers, Flyers)
MCER level: A1-B1
Skills practised: Reading, Listening.
Quiz your English app
Challenge your friends and players from around the world with our English language quiz. Covering a range of topics, Quiz your English is a fun way to practise and improve your English.
Exam levels: B2 First, B2 First for Schools
CEFR level: B1-B2
Skills practised: Vocabulary and grammar.
Exam lift
Practise your English and develop the skills you need for your B1 Preliminary for Schools exam. Providing a range of activities and practice exam tasks, Exam Lift is a flexible way to improve your English.
Exam levels: B1 Preliminary for Schools
CEFR level: B1
Skills practised: Reading and Writing

       Click to go to the page...
Cambridge English Young Learners Games
Encourage your learners with fun vocabulary practice using these interactive games.
Exam levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

       Click to go to the page...
Cambridge English Young Learners Activities
Extend and consolidate your lessons with this selection of interactive activities co-developed with Modern Education Network Limited.
Exam levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

Free resources

Improve your English listening skills
This Cambridge English new audio series tells a story about university students Geeta and Paul. They are struggling with their coursework, when a mysterious professor offers to help. Each of the seven episodes comes with B1-B2 level activities to help learners practise the language used in each episode.

Get feedback on your writing in seconds
Write & Improve is a research project carried out by Cambridge English Language Assessment and iLexIR. As part of the research project you will be able to submit your writing and receive feedback on it. You can then use the feedback to improve your writing.

Cambridge English Penfriends
Making friends through learning

Help your students make friends with other English learners around the world through the fun, international Cambridge English Penfriends activity
. Your students will design and share cards with learners at a school in another country. Thousands of students in more than 16,000 schools are already exchanging cards with other English learners in over 180 different countries through Penfriends. We hope that your students will have fun making new friends and developing English language skills in a way that is practical, fun and communicative. It’s a fantastic way to get your students excited about communicating in English!

If you would like to register your school click here to set up your free account:
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How to officially accept Cambridge English exams
You can start officially accepting The Cambridge English exams in just three simple steps:

  • Step 1
    Go to this link and fill in the form. You can use it to ask for further information too.
  • Step 2
    Amend your website, course literature and offer letter to state which Cambridge English exams and which scores are accepted by your institution – and for which courses.
  • Step 3
    Sign up for the free, secure online Results Verification Service to instantly verify applicants’ exam results and view their test-day photo. To register, go to
Find out more
To find out more about how you can use The Cambridge English exams to benefit your institution, email the Recognition team at – Cambridge English will be delighted to provide more information or organise a meeting.
Already accept Cambridge English exams?
Make sure you let Cambridge English know so it can keep you up to date on developments and include you in the Global Online Recognition Database so candidates know they can apply to your institution.