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Workshops and seminars
If you are a teacher preparing students for the Cambridge English exams, you can find valuable information, materials and support at the Exams Catalunya teacher development sessions. They are led by experienced and knowledgeable trainers, who have all been appointed by Cambridge English.

Exams Catalunya will offer frequent teacher training sessions and events throughout the year. Our topics are carefully chosen, based on our experience in the EFL field and the feedback we receive from teachers. Our presenters are well qualified professionals with many years of experience in training teachers for Cambridge English Exams.

Support pack for English language teachers
The Inspire support pack
has been designed to help you support your students at each stage of the learning journey.

Inspire provides a comprehensive range of exam preparation, digital resources and general teaching English materials for teachers who are preparing students for Cambridge English Qualifications.

The learning materials are based on research about how children learn best, so your students can improve their english both inside the classroom and beyond.
The Cambridge English webinars for teachers are free to join and led by a team of experts from Cambridge Assessment English. These experts will also be available to answer participants’ questions.

7th ELT Conference video

Video of the 7th Annual ELT Conference which took place on 14th November 2019 at the ICAB, Barcelona.
Cambridge English Teacher Support
Cambridge English offers a wide range of free teaching resources and information to support ESOL teachers throughout the world.

You can register for a free account to download lesson plans, worksheets, games, classroom activities and join the lively teacher community.
Your new English classroom
No matter where you are, or what your classroom looks like, we have the right support for you. We have everything you need to help you prepare and feel confident for your return to class.
Exams Catalunya offers a wide range of free seminars, information sessions and teacher round tables throughout the year.
Teacher Support website
A wide range of free teaching resources and information to support teachers. Register for a free account to download lesson plans, worksheets, games, classroom activities.
The Cambridge English webinars for teachers are free to join and led by a team of experts from Cambridge Assessment English. These experts will also be available to answer participants’ questions.
The Digital Teacher
This specialist online space provides courses, articles, webinars and the opportunity to connect with teaching professionals worldwide and develop your career.
Exams Catalunya Newsletter
Schools, academies and teachers can sign up here for the Exams Catalunya monthly newsletter. Receiving our newsletter will keep you up-to-date on our seminar and teacher development programme as well as updates and changes taking place in the world of Cambridge English Exams and English language teaching.
Introduction for new schools & academies
Why Cambridge English?
Cambridge Assessment English offers a wide range of internationally recognised English language qualifications including specialised examinations in business English and English for young learners as well as certificates for language teachers.
Around the world, thousands of universities, employers and government ministries rely on Cambridge English certificates as proof of English language ability.

The exams
Cambridge English examinations have a long-established and well-deserved reputation for excellence. Over 5.5 million people in 130 countries take the exams every year: It is essential to the quality of the exams and the continued reputation of Cambridge English, that each one of those candidates experiences a test that consistently meets the high standards set. The exams are specifically designed to be fair to all test takers, whatever their age, gender, nationality, first language, culture or ethnic background.

State, private or grant assisted schools.
Find out about the advantages
of joining the Cambridge English
National Schools Project...

If you are preparing state university students for Cambridge English exams.
Find out about the discounts for university students...

Recognition and validity
The exams are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), published by the Council of Europe, making simple for employers, universities and other organisations to specify levels of language ability and easy for learners to choose the right exam.

Cambridge Assessment English was one of the organisations involved in the early development of this language benchmark, wich is used internationally to describe language ability. Cambridge English remains at the hearth of the development of the CEFR through being a key partner in English Profile, a research programme that will further develop the CEFR, providing detailed descriptions of learner English at each of the six levels.

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Preparation Centre Logos - Regulations for use
The Exams Catalunya and Exam Balears Preparation Centre Logos

Centres that register students for Cambridge Assessment English examinations through Exams Catalunya and Exams Balears are welcome to use these logos on their websites, leaflets or other publicity material.  The logos can be downloaded  in both high and low resolution via the related sites and links page on Exams Catalunya Online, our Preparation Centres portal. Please click on the link below to access the portal:
Recognising our Preparation Centres
Cambridge Assessment English is happy to provide schools which actively prepare candidates for the Cambridge English exams with the graphics below (which are Cambridge English trademarks) to help promote exam preparation courses. Please note, however, that permission to use these graphics is dependent on you continuing to prepare students and your agreement (by use of any of these graphics) to comply with these regulations (which permission and compliance is governed by English law and subject to the English courts).

You are welcome to use these graphics in your publications or websites, as specified below, but in doing so you must accept that permission to use them may be withdrawn at any time, and that you must cease to use them (and withdraw any publications in which they are printed) if requested to do so by Cambridge English.

For the avoidance of doubt you are NOT permitted to in any way use the Cambridge English shield logo which appears at the top of your preparation certificate (other than by display of that original certificate).

You may use these graphics:
  • On publicity documents and other promotional material relating to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On press advertising that relates specifically to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On web pages that relate specifically to the preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On signs, posters, etc, promoting courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On promotional goods (pens, pencils, T-shirts, caps, mugs and other items that are used to promote the examinations), provided that these are given away and not sold
You may not use these graphics:
  • On any certificate, invoice or other financial document
  • As part of an e-mail template or in any other electronic form other than as part of a web page as described above
  • In relation to any exams, tests or certificates provided by your centre other than the Cambridge English exams
Using the graphics
Cambridge English does not impose restrictions on the size or positioning of these graphics, but you must ensure that the logo and/or name of your school is displayed prominently
The graphics must always be used in exactly the format and proportions shown above. You must not under any circumstances attempt to alter or recreate the graphics or retype any of the wording. You must also ensure that any designer or printer working on your behalf complies with this requirement.
You should ensure that the colours are reproduced accurately.

You must not use a copy of these graphics obtained from any other source.

If you or your school enters a minimum of 50 candidates per year you may be eligible to use the Preparation Centre Logos and so please contact us on [email protected].
Statistics & annual reports for centres

The group performance reports for preparation centres are an excellent reporting tool that will enable registered preparation centres to see how their students performed by skill, by grade, by Cambridge English Scale score, etc. and to compare performance by year and against national and global averages.

Exams Catalunya has been issuing candidate results statistics to its registered Preparation Centres for many years. Having access to their statistics has enabled our centres to analyse and compare their candidate results at the end of each school year. Because Exams Catalunya is aware of the relevance of providing statistics to centres we decided to share this idea with Cambridge English; the result is the new, centralised performance results that Preparation Centres will now be able to use.

The performance reports are fully integrated into the Preparation Centre Online Results Service and can be viewed by registered Preparation Centres. The reports will help preparation centres gain a better understanding of how their students are performing and progressing over time and in relation to national and global averages. They will also be able to identify strengths and weaknesses across the skills, which will help to inform future teaching. Results may be consulted online or exported as documents.

The reports are available for all Cambridge English certificates, from Starters to Proficiency and Business Certificates. Tracking their students’ progress will enable schools, academies and teachers to monitor results more effectively.

Research and validation

All Cambridge English exams are specifically designed to be fair to all test takers, whatever their age, gender, nationality, first language, culture or ethnic background.

Quality and fairness are at the centre of everything Cambridge English does:
  • Quality – this means validity, reliability, impact and practicality.
  • Validity – the extent to which exam marks can be considered a true reflection of underlying ability.
  • Reliability – the extent to which test results are consistent, accurate and, therefore, dependable.
  • Impact – the positive effect of a test on candidates and other users, including society as a whole.
  • Practicality – the extent to which a test is workable in terms of the resources needed.
Quality is rigorously monitored across all aspects of the exam process, and the Research and Validation Group works closely with the Assessment and Operations Group on test development, construction, administration, assessment and results processing, and exam review and evaluation

Further information on Research and Validation and Exam Production:

Cambridge English Handbooks for Teachers
The Handbooks for Teachers are a valuable guide to help you prepare your students for the Cambridge English examinations. They give an overview of each exam and its place within Cambridge English. They focus on each component and include content, advice on preparation and sample papers.

General English
English for Schools
English for work
Teaching Knowledge Test
Cambridge English Apps, games and activities
Play our games: Practice your English!

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Monkey Puzzles
Visit our Monkey's favourite places and play 8 mini games to test your English. Unlock new games as you progress - but watch out, the games get harder as you go along! 
Exam levels: Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

Word Fun World
Enter a fantastic world of fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers exams. Play exciting games to practise and learn key vocabulary for Cambridge English: Young Learners exams. It’s perfect preparation for Young Learners or simply a fun way to practise English at an early stage of learning. Ideal for English learners and great word fun for kids of any age. Available on the App Store to download for free.
Exam levels: Young Learners (Starters Movers, Flyers)
MCER level: A1-B1
Skills practised: Reading, Listening.
Quiz your English app
Challenge your friends and players from around the world with our English language quiz. Covering a range of topics, Quiz your English is a fun way to practise and improve your English.
Exam levels: B2 First, B2 First for Schools
CEFR level: B1-B2
Skills practised: Vocabulary and grammar.
Exam lift
Practise your English and develop the skills you need for your B1 Preliminary for Schools exam. Providing a range of activities and practice exam tasks, Exam Lift is a flexible way to improve your English.
Exam levels: B1 Preliminary for Schools
CEFR level: B1
Skills practised: Reading and Writing

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Cambridge English Young Learners Games
Encourage your learners with fun vocabulary practice using these interactive games.
Exam levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

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Cambridge English Young Learners Activities
Extend and consolidate your lessons with this selection of interactive activities co-developed with Modern Education Network Limited.
Exam levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers
CEFR level: A1-A2
Skills practised: Reading

Free resources

Improve your English listening skills
This Cambridge English new audio series tells a story about university students Geeta and Paul. They are struggling with their coursework, when a mysterious professor offers to help. Each of the seven episodes comes with B1-B2 level activities to help learners practise the language used in each episode.

Get feedback on your writing in seconds
Write & Improve is a research project carried out by Cambridge English Language Assessment and iLexIR. As part of the research project you will be able to submit your writing and receive feedback on it. You can then use the feedback to improve your writing.

Cambridge English Penfriends
Making friends through learning

Help your students make friends with other English learners around the world through the fun, international Cambridge English Penfriends activity
. Your students will design and share cards with learners at a school in another country. Thousands of students in more than 16,000 schools are already exchanging cards with other English learners in over 180 different countries through Penfriends. We hope that your students will have fun making new friends and developing English language skills in a way that is practical, fun and communicative. It’s a fantastic way to get your students excited about communicating in English!

If you would like to register your school click here to set up your free account:
Social media
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Cambridge English Webinars

he Cambridge English webinars for teachers are free to join and led by a team of experts from Cambridge English Language Assessment. These experts will also be available to answer participants’ questions.

The webinars cover the full range of Cambridge English exams, teaching qualifications such as CELTA and the Teaching Knowledge Test, providing valuable information about individual exams, their tasks and format as well as details about how each exam is assessed and what the implications are for teachers.

The Cambridge English webinars are normally held on a Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning (UK time).

Click here to access the Cambridge English Webinar website...

        And also...

As an English language teacher, you can now get high-quality professional development from the experts at Cambridge Assessment English. The Digital Teacher has been developed by experts in the field, in consultation with practising language teachers and trainers. It forms the basis for the organisation of this site and provides a focused and principled guide to professional development.

Award ceremonies

Success in Cambridge English Exams
We are delighted that your students have done so well in their recent Cambridge Assessment English exams.

Certificate ceremonies are a great opportunity for you to share your students' success with their parents and to publicly recognise your teachers' efforts.
You can also use these ceremonies to attract positive attention from the local media.

For this purpose, Exams Catalunya and Cambridge English have developed a Certificate ceremony toolkit which you can download below.

Certificate ceremony -

Certificate ceremony -

Certificate ceremony -

Certificate ceremony -
Postcards for parents

Invitation for

Thank you letter for teachers
In these videos, Evelina Galaczi and Juliet Wilson congratulate students on their great achievements. Download the videos to play to your students at your certificate ceremony.

Share the news of your awards ceremony!

To make the very most of your awards ceremony, you could write a short news item for your school website, social media pages or newsletter. You could also send this to your local media.

Make sure you let us know about any news items you publish or stories that appear in the local media about your students' success and we will share it on our social media channels and with Cambridge English.